Acrylic Tube

  • Colored Fluorescent Acrylic Tube

    Colored Fluorescent Acrylic Tube

    Xintao® Transparent Fluorescent Acrylic Tube available in various diameters and a range of stunning fluorescent colour options for many applications such as lighting systems, all kinds of crafts, educational games, as container for objects exhibition,...Read More

  • Clear Acrylic Tube

    Clear Acrylic Tube

    A wide range of completely transparent acrylic tubes suitable for many fields: Trays/Pipes and fittings/Textile spools/Handles/Domestic appliances/Radio and stereo equipment/Insulators/Prototype models/etc.Read More

XINTAO, established in 2002, has been engaged in acrylic tube for many years. All acrylic sheets in stock are with top quality and reasonable price. If you're interested in acrylic tube, welcome to contact our factory in China.

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