Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

  • Led Light Diffuser

    Led Light Diffuser

    China led light diffuser at factory price in stock, is through the chemical or physical means, the use of sound, light in the way of encountering two different refractive index medium, the occurrence of refraction, reflection and scattering of physical...Read More

  • Light Diffuser Sheet

    Light Diffuser Sheet

    China Light Diffuser Sheet at factory price in stock, is made of acrylic (PMMA), endowing acrylic diffusion plates with high transparency, good surficial brightness and perfect flatness. All raw material we use is imported from LG of German and Teijin of...Read More

  • Diffuser Plate

    Diffuser Plate

    China diffuser plate at factory price in stock, which widely used in LED panel light, lighting box, lampshades, and home decoration. The normal thickness is 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2mm. Because the usage is different, the standard size is 1180*1180mm or...Read More

  • PMMA Diffuser Sheet

    PMMA Diffuser Sheet

    China PMMA diffuser sheet at factory price in stock, is fabricated by 100% virgin PMMA material, which imported from South Korea, Iran, Vietnam and so on. It has many good properties, good UV resistance, good high light transmittance, and etc.Read More

  • Light Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

    Light Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

    China light acrylic diffuser sheet at factory price in stock, is a unique combination of high light diffusion and transmission through a combination of optimized surface texture and advanced diffuser technologies. Our diffuser sheet series can fulfill your...Read More

XINTAO, established in 2002, has been engaged in acrylic diffuser sheet for many years. All acrylic sheets in stock are with top quality and reasonable price. If you're interested in acrylic diffuser sheet, welcome to contact our factory in China.

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