PS Diffuser Sheet

  • PS Light Diffuser Sheet

    PS Light Diffuser Sheet

    PS LIGHT DIFFUSER SHEET is known as Special PS SHEET widely used in LED panel light, lighting box, lampshades, and home decoration. This special PS sheet have higher light transmitting, and excellent light diffusering. We are professional manufacturer,...Read More

  • Polystyrene Diffuser Sheet

    Polystyrene Diffuser Sheet

    Xintao® PS diffuser sheet is the one kind of PS sheet with light diffusivity. PS sheet also calls polystyrene or GPPS sheet, and the petrochemical is a relatively low-order transparent brittle. The proportion is 1.047 ~ 1.049 in the full transparency...Read More

  • PS Light Diffuser Plate

    PS Light Diffuser Plate

    Xintao® PS light diffuser plate has a very good chemical stability, thermal stability, optical characteristics, strong refraction, strong electrical insulating, high radiation resistance and little tendency of moisture absorption. LED panel light is...Read More

  • PS Diffuser Plate

    PS Diffuser Plate

    Xintao® PS diffuser plate in the current application is already very common, like light box, lighting roof, LED panel light and so on. Diffuser plate is so popular, not only its excellent performance, but also installation and transportation is also very...Read More

XINTAO, established in 2002, has been engaged in PS diffuser sheet for many years. All acrylic sheets in stock are with top quality and reasonable price. If you're interested in PS diffuser sheet, welcome to contact our factory in China.

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