Glitter Acrylic Sheet

  • Silver Glitter Acrylic Sheet

    Silver Glitter Acrylic Sheet

    This striking sheet contains silver specs of glitter. It can be laser cut and milled. Due to the manufacturing process, the sheet's surface may not be entirely smooth – there can be divots. The concentration of glitter also varies by batch, with some...Read More

  • Gold Glitter Acrylic Sheet

    Gold Glitter Acrylic Sheet

    Xintao® Glitter Acrylic Sheet has glitter flakes embedded directly in the material. Great for those creative projects that call for glamorous eye-catching designs. Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, formed and fabricated. Slightly more power...Read More

XINTAO, established in 2002, has been engaged in glitter acrylic sheet for many years. All acrylic sheets in stock are with top quality and reasonable price. If you're interested in glitter acrylic sheet, welcome to contact our factory in China.

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