Mirror Sheet

  • Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Xintao® acrylic mirror is a great alternative to traditional glass mirrors. Its superior impact strength and lightweight attributes make this mirror a versatile product that can be used with confidence in many applications around the home. Its shatter...Read More

  • Mirror Acrylic Sheet

    Mirror Acrylic Sheet

    ​Xintao® Acrylic mirrors are manufactured by applying a metal finish to one side of an extruded acrylic sheet which is then covered with a painted backing to protect the mirror surface. Note that the mirror backing can be easily damaged by solvents and...Read More

  • Mirror Plexiglass

    Mirror Plexiglass

    Our acrylic mirror is made from Xintao® acrylic sheet and is primarily used as architectural accents. It's the industry's toughest protective back-coating, which protects against scratching during fabrication. Available in mirror, clear, textures. This...Read More

  • Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheet

    Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheet

    Acrylic Mirror sheet is intended primarily for areas such as interior fittings for decoration, display and point of sale, visual merchandising, store design applications in the food service industry, and where safety requires the shatter resistance of...Read More

  • Plexiglass Mirror Sheets

    Plexiglass Mirror Sheets

    Primarily intended for areas such as interior fittings, garden, display, point-of-sale, visual merchandising and store design, PS/Acrylic mirror sheets are half the weight of glass. Our wide range of such mirror sheets is of the highest commercial quality...Read More

  • Adhesive Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Adhesive Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Xintao® each mirror acrylic sheet with protective PE films, you need to peel the film before using; Creative uses: works well for crafts and projects, you can display your creativity in your special way. And these self adhesive mirrors work well with cars,...Read More

  • Double Sided Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Double Sided Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    The two-way mirror is so called because it lets around half of the light through and reflects half of the light. It is sometimes called ‘half-silvered’ mirror because it admits the light through both sides of the mirror, rather than simply being mirrored...Read More

  • Plexiglass Mirror

    Plexiglass Mirror

    Xintao® Acrylic plexiglass mirror sheets are of the highest commercial quality available and offer impact strength of around 17 times greater than glass in equal sheet thickness, and manufactured with the industry's toughest protective back-coating -...Read More

  • Semi-permeable Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Semi-permeable Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Semi-permeable acrylic mirror sheet is a mirror that is partially reflective and partially transparent. When one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa.Read More

  • Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheet

    Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheet

    With a highly reflective mirror surface our Xintao® acrylic mirrors are durable with a hard surface on the reverse. They're shatter resistant with a high impact strength, an ideal alternative to glass mirrors.Read More

  • Plastic PS Mirror Sheets

    Plastic PS Mirror Sheets

    ​Clients can avail from us Xintao®, a wide and exclusive range of Polystyrene Mirror Sheet (PS) at leading industry prices. We design these sheets in standard specifications and are also capable of offering the entire range as per their specified...Read More

  • Polystyrene Mirror Sheet

    Polystyrene Mirror Sheet

    Polystyrene golden mirror sheet is a high impact resistant and opaque polystyrene (PS) with the same characteristics of coloured polystyrene and more resistant than crystal type polystyrene. It is obtained from co-extruding it with a thin metallic layer...Read More

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XINTAO, established in 2002, has been engaged in mirror sheet for many years. All acrylic sheets in stock are with top quality and reasonable price. If you're interested in mirror sheet, welcome to contact our factory in China.

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