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How To Settle The Rising Price Of Acrylic Sheet Raw Materials?--Stock Up Goods.
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Today, The price of acrylic raw materials is crazily rising, how to settle the rising price of acrylic sheet raw materials?--Stock up goods.


According to the current market trend, starting from June this year, the raw materials of acrylic have been rising, many customers are complaining why we always are rising prices. The price was from 18,000 yuan in June to the current 25,000 yuan a full 6,000 yuan. We Xintao do well in the foreseeable risk, we made the stockpile defensive strategy in the case of rapid gains.


Maybe customers will ask us that our price is cheaper than others, does us add lots of recycle material? As a leader in China's acrylic industry, we have our own brand and image. We never add more recycle material to cut down the price. Then you may ask if you can add more material to reduce costs, the answer is no. There is a strict requirement on how much material we add in our factory. Our acrylic sheet is  entirely new material and regulated weight acrylic sheet.


Is there any material that can replace acrylic sheet? Yes! SMMA sheet can replace some of the extruded acrylic board. Our company has added a new SMMA sheet production line. If you have any questions about the performance of acrylic sheet and SMMA sheet, we can provide samples for you to test.


Xintao Group does its best for you.


The Price of PMMA 2017. 12. 4    (Yuan/ton)

Production Company Product brand

Zhenjiang CHIMEI   CM-205






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