Polystyrene Sheet

  • Clear PS Plate

    Clear PS Plate

    PS sheet is a thermoplastic non-crystalline resin with good performance. The chemical properties of PS sheet is very stable and is corrosion resistance. The price is also cheaper than plexiglass sheet, and also the impact resistance, plasticity,...Read More

  • Clear PS Sheet

    Clear PS Sheet

    Physical Display Product Parameter Round one Appearance VS It is no difference from PS sheet to acrylic sheet with eyes. Consequence------Draw Round two Processability The processability of acrylic sheet is better than PS sheet . PS sheet just can do light...Read More

  • Solid PS Sheet

    Solid PS Sheet

    Feature of solid PS/Polystyrene Sheet • Opaque Impact resistant Rigid to flexible depending on thickness • Both general purpose and high impact PS • Inherently stable • Absorb very little water • Odorless and tasteless • Easy to process • Undergo very...Read More

  • Polystyrene Solid Board

    Polystyrene Solid Board

    Physical Display Product Parameter About the color We can give you custom any color to you . Following color is routine color:Read More

  • Transparent PS Sheet

    Transparent PS Sheet

    Transparent PS sheet is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. Light transmission performance of transparent PS sheet is worse than the transparent plexiglass sheet. Advantages are low density, water resistance, light resistance, good chemical...Read More

  • Polystyrene Plate

    Polystyrene Plate

    A. Polystyrene Blocks Description Polystyrene Plate ( PS Plate ) is made by extrusion, main raw material is polystyrene granule. Mainly used for packaging, container equipment, General electrical and construction and other industries. B. High Impact...Read More

  • Extruded Polystyrene Sheets

    Extruded Polystyrene Sheets

    Physical Display Production Our polystyrene sheets produce by extrude machine. The width should be less than 1300mm. The thickness should be 0.8mm to 8mm. The length is without limit. Packaging Both sides covered with kraft paper or PE film to protective...Read More

  • Color PS Sheet

    Color PS Sheet

    Physical Display Our color PS sheet usually is popular for advertising company in China. Our color PS sheet is used in light box advertising and sign words. Color We can give you custom any color to you. Following color is routine color:Read More

  • Thin Polystyrene Sheets

    Thin Polystyrene Sheets

    Material Introduction: PS Polystyrene is synthetic polymers which made by the styrene monomer and free radical polymerization. It is a transparent thermoplastic, having a higher glass transition temperature of 100 ℃, polystyrene own acid and low-energy...Read More

  • White Polystyrene Sheets

    White Polystyrene Sheets

    Polystyrene sheets is called "organic sheet", and its chemical name is Polystyrene (PS), it is a kind of non-crystalline thermoplastic resin with the features of colorless, odourless, tasteless and luster, light, water absorption, low price and...Read More

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