• Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet

    Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet

    Clear cast acrylic sheet, also commonly referred to as Perspex Sheet, is a high quality and versatile clear plastic sheet material offering high levels of strength and clarity. Suitable for many applications, cast acrylic sheet is an easy material to work...Read More

  • Acrylic Sheet for Furniture

    Acrylic Sheet for Furniture

    Being the most respected organization guided by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, we provide an enormous assortment of Acrylic Sheets. Used in home furnishings, lighting fixtures, safety fixtures and various allied applications, provided sheet...Read More

  • Colored Plexiglass Sheet

    Colored Plexiglass Sheet

    Colored Extruded Plexiglass Sheet is an economical, high quality acrylic sheet with an excellent thickness tolerance. Extruded acrylic is of a slightly lower quality than cast acrylic but its production process is more economical making it a lower cost...Read More

  • Colored Acrylic Sheets

    Colored Acrylic Sheets

    Cast acrylic versus extruded acrylic Acrylic is produced in two basic versions, cast and extruded. Cast acrylic is produced by mixing the acrylic liquid ingredients in molds. For acrylic plates between two glass plates. A chemical process in the mold...Read More

  • Clear Perspex Sheet

    Clear Perspex Sheet

    Paper masking on both sides. This acrylic sheet is perfect for window replacements, signage, table tops, aquarium covers, and many more DIY projects. Customer can choose different finishing on edges when check out. Table saw edges can have sharp, light...Read More

  • Frosted Plexiglass

    Frosted Plexiglass

    Product Introduction: Frosted plexiglass surface is sanding, used for decoration. The surface is not easy to get finger mark. There are a variety of color, different light transmittance, small thickness tolerance, good surface quality and not easily...Read More

  • Coloured Acrylic Sheet

    Coloured Acrylic Sheet

    ​The Polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA is a highly transparent, rigid, tough and quite easy to model heat. Here we offer Fluorescent methacrylate iron completely transparent colors of different colors and a thickness of 3 mm.Read More

  • Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

    Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

    All of our Clear Acrylic Sheets can be purchased cut to your exact size and requirements, simply tell us what thickness you require and send us an enquiry for your Acrylic Sheet. Acrylic Sheet is stronger than glass and is half the weight. All of our...Read More

  • Fire Retardant Acrylic Panel

    Fire Retardant Acrylic Panel

    Acrylic is flammable Polymer synthetic material. When we produce, we will add fire retardant to stop it burning quickly. Fire retardant acrylic panel is hard to burn than normal acrylic. But it also can burn. When it is burning, it will stop quickly. And...Read More

  • Sound Insulation Screen Acrylic Board

    Sound Insulation Screen Acrylic Board

    The sound insulation screen is made up of the basics, column, screen board. And our Xintao® group can offer sound insulation screen acrylic board. The basics is the main bearing of the sound barrier structure, it can be designed separately or in the road...Read More

  • Black White Acrylic Sheet

    Black White Acrylic Sheet

    Xintao acrylic black white sheet also says night and day acrylic sheet. It is a specially constructed cast acrylic sheet that allows sign made with this product to look black during the day but can show it as white, green, blue or red when illuminated at...Read More

  • Black Acrylic Sheet

    Black Acrylic Sheet

    UV-resistant acrylic based laminate for both indoor and outdoor applications. The laser engraving plastic sheets are specially engineered to produce maximum engraving detail at high speeds, whilst minimising residue and need for cleaning.Read More

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