Xintao International Group Limited was founded in 2002, has been engaging in acrylic production and development, with leading brands in the market: Xintao Cast Acrylic (100% virgin material), Xinshun Extruded Acrylic, Xinlian PS sheet. We have 3 factories: Anhui Xintao Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd, Foshan Shunde Xinshuntao Acrylic Co., LTD and Dongguan Xinlian Acrylic Co., LTD. Meanwhile, we have 12 retailer shops located in different area and cities: Futian, Baoan, Longhua, Longgang, Houjie, Dongguan, Shunde, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan.

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100% Virgin Cast Acrylic Sheet
浇铸板 (1).jpg

Xintao acrylic sheets are made from 100% virgin MMA and all products are SGS certificated. Good quality is 100% virgin raw material + advanced production equipment + import model + 15 years production experience + R&D excellent employee + more than 500 Xintao staff.

High quality polystyrene sheet

PS sheet(polystyrene sheet)is a thermoplastic non-crystalline resin with good performance. The chemical properties of PS sheet is very stable and is corrosion resistance. The price is also cheaper than plexiglass sheet , and also the impact resistance, plasticity, processing, weather resistance and water absorption are also very good.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet & PS Mirror Sheet
镜面板 (1).jpg

We just manufacture acrylic mirror sheet and PS mirror sheet. The quality of Xintao products never let you disappoint.

SMMA sheet

Xintao Group Rolled Out The New Product--SMMA Sheet;SMMA sheet is cheap and can accept laser cutting, CNC machining, polishing, printing and so on.

Xintao acrylic sheet-Your best choice.

We have many kinds of acrylic sheet to let you chose--Cast acrylic sheet, Extruded acrylic sheet, Frost acrylic sheet, fluorescent acrylic sheet, mirror acrylic sheet, marble acrylic sheet, glitter acrylic sheet, Cloth acrylic sheet and so on.

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